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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My photoshop skills so far

The feeling of wanting to change yourself

Today, my set design class professor gave back all the exercises we had last week and she acknowledged all those who did well in the exercises. Unfortunately, out of 30 students, I didn't make it to the roster of people who excellently passed the exercises. Well, my grades are fine it's just that I thought I did great and all. But not.

It's ok now. At least I know what aspect of my design skills must be improved. Our professor said some good points that I took for granted when doing the plates, things I forgot to consider somehow. When she said all these I got the feeling of assurance that at least our profession's not just mere subjective reasoning. Most of the things she said are logical to consider which makes it objective. Now, I have to develop my skills in designing such as translating all my ideas on paper and the feasibility of it (possible to apply or not). Comments given to mere were:
Good concept but I don't know if its feasible and Good concept but translation needs to be improved. 
Concepts are there, I just need to rehash some skills.

Now, I think I'll bring with my my black notebook where I will put all my ideas in design and doodle when boredom strikes me. I will also bring, occasionally, some rendering materials and parchment paper for some rendering. Reading articles and books as well can help me reinvent my design ideas. Board exam is fast approaching (but I have to graduate first!), I need all these to be on the top 10! (HAHA, this is becoming my dream already, nothing is impossible with God! Declare and you will get it!)

I am proud tho of my classmates who did well in the exercises tho! I have two classmates, guy classmates (go boys!) who impressed my professor twice in all three exercises. Well, Interior Design is dominated by ladies but gents can also make it to the top! So proud of them! Congrats guys.

At least I know now that my greatest competition is myself. If you feel the same way (I hope you dont hate your classmates for always being on top of you, its the reality that there will always be someone who is greater or lesser than you), let's reinvent ourselves together! YAY!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Planning for a debut

This coming friday, February 1, is my birthday. It is actually my debut because I'll be turning 21 this year. When I was still a kid, my parents plan my birthdays and sometimes surprise me with  a party. But as time passes by, this little preparation that used to be a ritual just waned. Maybe because I'm old to hold parties just like when I was 3 of 4 years old. How I wish gents can have debuts just like how ladies have theirs.

Since I'm planning this myself, I've been spending some time looking for a place where I can treat my classmates and my friends. There are actually series of 'celebrations' that I am preparing for this coming week. First, my classmates, which will be celebrated on the day of my birthday (Friday) and then I'll have to problem(?) my celebration with my choirmates which will happen the day after my birthday (Sat). Then Sunday, I'll be with my family. We'll at least I'm not the one to spend on this (talking as if the money i'll spend on the two batches will come from my pocket. HAHA). We might have it at MOA. Then last will be with my closest friends. We call ourselves 35 plus. How we got the name is a long story. So anyway, I never thought that planning for my "debut" is such a pain in the a*s. I want it to be somehow memorable but I don't like to push the limits just to have an unforgettable one.

I really hope someone can do the planning for me. But hey I found this place in Eastwood where I can possibly hold my birthday with my closest classmates!

I think I will just hold parties just because I want to be with my family and friends and not because I want to make my 21 bongga. :) Oh well, Happy Birthday to me! 1 week to go and I'm 21!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

This Feeling

I just hate when it comes and hate it even more when I am affected by it. Buti na lang there are reasons to keep me going and that is Graduation. I just need to focus and pray to God that He'll help me do what is good and best for me.

For now. Readings first.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Life of Pi

Pi Patel. I admire you and your views in life. If only you were true (tho i haven'r researched it yet if it was based on a true story or not). As early as 12 years old, you were already exploring three religions at the same time. Even though people make fun of your name, you stood steady and tried to rise despite the bullying. Your courage is just awesome. Your life should be celebrated and really I am glad to have watched the movie.

And, upon watching the movie, I realized that I am like PI in a sense that we easily get touched by animals. There's just this aura that animals give to me and win my emotions. I almost cried during the whole scene with Richard Parker. I just love the movie.